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excel hR laser

Cutera's Excel HR Laser is a state-of-the-art laser hair removal machine that is effective on all skin types.

The HR features two highly effective wavelengths: the 755nm Alexandrite laser and the 'long pulse' 1064nm Nd:YAG laser.

The 755 is much more efficient on lighter skin types, while the 1064 is much better for high volume hair removal or for darker skin types. 

Your Excel HR Laser treatment consultant can provide all the details you need to make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our Excel HR treatment specialist!

Miami Skin Spa - No Surgery, injections, or downtime.

The future of skin care.

Miami SKin Spa cutera HR hair removal excel


No Surgery, Injections, or Downtime.


No preparation or post-treatment therapy required.


100% safe. No side effects except long lasting hair removal.


FDA approved. Patients experience amazing results.


Treatments typically take less than 30 minutes and last months.

No Downtime

Like all our procedures there is no downtime.

No Downtime

Like all our procedures there is absolutely no downtime.


Our Excel HR technology is FDA approved and 100% safe with no side effects.

Quick & Easy

There is no easier or quicker treatment for long term hair removal.

how does excel hr work?

The excel HR uses a combination of lasers to treat all skin types effectively. Using its unique laser combinations it's able to effectively treat all skin types for hair removal, Pico Genesis, and vascular problems. Because of its index matching and cooling technology the HR effectively pushes the fold on the standard of laser hair removal.

Contact Cooling

The laser uses a sapphire contact point to continuously cool the skin.

By using a sapphire attachment and patented true cooling technology, the excel HR is able to provide continuous cooling to the skin.

This means before, during, and after the follicle is removed there is continuous cooling on the epidermis, leading to faster recovery and longer lasting results. 

Index Matching

Using patented technology, the laser is able to couple its laser to the skin more effectively. 

The HR uses a process called index matching to take its performance to the next level. By adjusting the amount of backscattered light that can escape during a pulse two important results are achieved.

The device not only prevents energy from staying within the epidermis, it also improves the coupling to any targeted substructures. This means a safer, more effective treatment. 

Miami Ink spa hair removal quick easy

1064 nm Nd:Yah; 755 nm Alexandrite

Using these two proven wavelengths, this laser sets a new standard in hair removal. 

Using the 1064, darker skin types and high volumes of hair removal are possible. Moreover, by adjusting the aperture of the laser, smaller facial or distal vascularities can also be removed.

The 755 Alexandrite is ideal for lighter skin types. Also by adjusting its aperture, smaller pigmentation issues are able to be treated as well. 

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excel hr laser PRO'S AND CON'S


  • Can treat all skin types & all skin colors - tanned skin.
  • Can treat all hair types, fine, normal or coarse.
  • Has a built in cooling system to ease discomfort & prevent skin damage.
  • Less sessions required compared to IPL (intense pulsed light) units.
  • Results in no skin damage!


  • N/A


In a recent study 100% of patients preferred the excel HR to competitive laser hair removal machines. The Excel HR Laser machine is one of the most effective machines to treat hair removal and vascular/vein removal. 

Experience the future at Miami Skin Spa today!

"Excel HR is a clinically proven laser technology for safe, effective and comfortable treatments for men and women. Experience irresistibly smooth skin, spot-less skin with Excel HR"


carla smith

via Google Reviews

The employees at Miami Skin Spa are amazing. I used to go to a different laser office, but was not seeing any results after 2 years of treatment. After a few treatment sessions at Miami Skin Spa, I have seen a drastic improvement and a majority of the hair is gone. If you're looking for a place to get laser hair treatment, Miami Skin Spa should be your first option!!

yuli solis

Via Google Reviews

I went to Miami Skin Spa for my laser hair removal treatment on my legs. The nurse was super sweet and explained everything to me thoroughly. She made the entire experience very enjoyable and I felt very comfortable. I will definitely be returning.

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