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How Many Body Sculpting Sessions Do I Need

How Many Body Sculpting Sessions Do I Need?

Multiple areas can be treated in as little as one 15-minute session. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire. 

Body Sculpting can treat many areas at one time, this reduces the number of treatment sessions needed. 

The number of sessions needed will be dependent upon your fat loss needs and results you desire. Unlike any other fat loss method, you can count on multiple areas being treated in one session.

How Many Treatments of truSculpt iD

Body Sculpting usually requires 1-4 sessions. Some devices like the award-winning truSculpt iD only require 1, but more can be done if needed.

truSculpt iD has 3 different types of modules each for a specific area of the body.They require different amount of sessions:

  • 40cm² hand piece treatments (Hands-Free or Hand-Held) = 1 treatment is typically recommended.
  • 16cm² hand piece treatments (Hand-Held only) = 2 - 4 treatments are suggested and treatments are typically spaced 4 - 6 weeks apart.

In theory, there is no limit to the amount of iD treatments a person can do, as after 2-3 procedures dramatic fat loss will have occurred.

These truSculpt iD treatments should typically be spaced out by at least 30 days, but 4 months is ideal. This is to make sure the treatment area is healthy again, as we are literally destroying it in order to treat it!

To summarize, the truSculpt iD can be treated in multiple areas in as little as one 15-minute session. Maximum results are visible after 8-12 weeks. 

Additional treatments should be scheduled at least 12 weeks apart to achieve the desired personalized results.

Our experience with the truSculpt iD is that it actually works well with other non-invasive procedures! It can be used to treat or further treat areas that are not responsive to other body sculpting techniques

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