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How Many Sessions for Laser Hair Removal?

The number of sessions required is all dependent on the patient, their hair type and skin type. The minimum is usually 6 treatments and some patients need up to 12 treatments. 

Remember, no pinching, popping, waxing, tweezers. Just let your hair grow and shave when necessary.

Every patient we see at Miami Skin Spa is different. That being said, most people will need about 4-8 total hair removal sessions to have a full treatment. 

During a laser hair removal session, an advanced laser device is used to direct energy into hair follicles.  When the follicles are damaged, hair growth is stunted or even prevented entirely. 

However, hair grows in cycles, which means that not all follicles are activated at the same time. This means one treatment wont be enough to remove all the hair in an area.  

More treatments will be necessary in order to permanently destroy all of the hair follicles in an area. 

Each hair removal session must also be spaced out by at least 6 weeks — this means that the a full treatment can take up to a year!

After each session there will be fewer hairs; and any hair that remains or regrows will also be lighter in texture and color.

Patients with hormone disorders (e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) may not see effective hair reduction.

Add the area and number of treatment necessary

Results After First Treatment of Laser Hair Removal

Hair reduction results will be seen after the 1st treatment.

Your skin may be a little irritated and redness is not uncommon. You will see an immediate reduction in hair and hair growth, and each treatment will reduce both the amount of hair and hair growth.

After the initial session, most patients see about a 25% reduction in total hair volume. As the treatments progress, the results will get better and better. 


The timeline for each session is the same as your initial laser hair removal treatment.

Overall, the timing depends on the area of treatment. If you’re touching up just a few small areas during your maintenance sessions, then your appointment may be shorter.


After laser hair removal treatment, it's important to maintain sunscreen if going outside. Also, your skin may be a little irritated and redness is not uncommon. You will see an immediate reduction in hair and hair growth. 

Although there is minor inconvenience with sunscreen, it is important to protect your skin after the treatment. Not properly taking care of your skin can lead to adverse results, which might lead to even more sessions.

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