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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Hair removal, when performed by licensed physicians with appropriate medical grade equipment, is safe. 

Many at home laser removal remedies exist. These devices can deliver modest results, such as lightening of hairs or semi permanent removal. 

There is also a higher risk of an accident happening when using one of these devices. Many of them are not FDA-approved and can cause bodily harm. 


However, if you're seeing a professional to have hair removed, you should always know you're in good hands.

Is Getting Laser Hair Removal Safe? 

To be able to operate a laser on a person, significant training must first be done. At Miami Skin Spa, each of our nurses is first trained for laser safety, and then trained by Cutera to optimally operate their laser hair removal machines. 


The machine used at Miami Skin Spa is called the Excel HR. It is a top of the line machine that combines many different technologies to provide advanced laser hair removal. 

Our Cutera machine maximizes patient comfort and safety - while safely protecting the skin from over-treatment or under-treatment. It's sapphire contact cooling system continuously cools the skin during treatment to allow for maximum comfort. With the added benefit of targeting gel, the treatment is safe and efficacious. 


During the treatment, you will also be provided with laser safety goggles to wear. Wearing them during your procedure prevents any potential damage to the eye that may be caused by the laser.  


However, Laser hair removal is a permanent and serious procedure. All permanent procedures have risks associated with them. These risks are thoroughly discussed during the consultation, and at worst involves blistering. 


At Miami Skin Spa, each of our healthcare providers are trained to a very high standard. This is reflected in the work we perform, and as a result, we only deliver the highest standard of health care and laser hair removal


If you'd like your hair free journey to start, book a free consultation with us today.

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