How to Succeed at Guest Blogging for Medical Spas?

Medical Spas continue to grow as people continue to seek newer, more efficient, non-invasive treatments. However, with the increasing popularity of the industry, competition also spikes.

That means that in order to experience continuous growth, medical spas need to adapt to new marketing methods and abandon the old.

Med spas need to utilize newer and more effective marketing approaches to captivate prospective patients and retain the old, loyal customers. 

Your website is your med spa’s greatest marketing asset, and blogging is its foundation. 

In fact, blogging is the perfect way to brand yourself as an industry expert and provider of state-of-the-art medical aesthetic procedures and products.

Moreover, it helps boost search engine optimization and enables you to gain more organic traffic to your site. 

"Where to buy" and "near me" mobile queries have grown by over 200% in the past two years. (Think with Google, 2019)

Organic search is by far the most valuable asset to your med spas marketing efforts.

Did you know that blogging doesn’t always mean posting new articles on your website?

Instead a common method employed by SEO's and content marketers across all industries is a process referred to as guest blogging.

According to a new study, a single person utilized guest blogging to score 36,000 new email subscribers. Another began their business and earned more than $15,000 per month.

Guest blogging increases brand visibility and awareness through publishing your expert-level content on another companies domain.

 Here we take a closer look at guest blogging and how it assists your medical spa in its journey towards success.     

What is Guest Blogging For Med Spas?

Blogging is the perfect way to up your SEO game. One type of blogging is called guest blogging.

Guest blogging refers to a content marketing and SEO technique where writers craft and publish blog posts on one another's websites or blogs. 

According to a Hubspot, about 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO)

In this way, marketers promote their own brands through the use of another's target audience.

One of the main benefits of this SEO tactic is the ability to get a high-value backlink from another website that is in the same industry as yours. More on the types of backlinks below

Moreover, it is an effective and beneficial way of generating awareness and building authority in the industry.   

How Does Medical Spa Guest Blogging Work?

Guest blogging is a fantastic content marketing strategy where writers can curate multiple articles for other websites. 

The process is simple; you write a guest blog, send a copy to a partner website, and watch as they publish it on their site. After a couple days or weeks, Google will have crawled that site and attributed the link on the blog back to your site. This in turn boosts your Domain Authority, and will make you more likely to rank higher for your keywords.

Are all Medical Guest Blogs Good Backlinks?

Backlinks are vital if you’re hoping to increase exposure and connect with organic visitors.

Search engines look for backlinks as signals of authority. The more relevant backlinks a domain has the more Google will trust the domain.


To up your Medical Spa’s ranking, you should consider link building.

"Where to buy" and "near me" mobile queries have grown by over 200% in the past two years. (Think with Google, 2019)

It would be best to find relevant and leading bloggers within your niche who are willing to include your links within your guest blog posts. The more relevant backlinks your website boasts, the higher your blog will rank on search engine results.  

89% of content marketers used blog posts in their content creation strategy in 2020. (Content Marketing Institute, 2020

Moreover, this won’t be a super challenging task since most website hosts offer writers to add two links, one within the copy and one in their bio.

What are the Best Backlinks for Med Spas?

The best backlinks appear from quality, leading websites. In fact, when links come from established and authoritative resources, it sends search engines positive signals that, in turn, boost your website’s ranking. 

45% of U.S. Millennials use voice-assistance when shopping online. (Statista, 2019)

How valuable your link may also be defined by where you place it within the content. Be sure to put it in the middle of your copy to maximize exposure. In case your host website owner doesn’t allow you to post a backlink within the content, you may do so in your author’s bio. It’s another excellent way of adding value to your website. 

The Benefits of Guest Blogging for Medical Spas

Let’s discuss the top benefits of guest blogging for Medical Spa

Nurture Relationships in the Med Spa niche

Guest blogging is the ideal way of nurturing long-lasting relationships with other leading bloggers from your niche, especially if you’re stepping into the world of Medical Spas. 

There’s a chance some bloggers will refuse your request; however, others will gladly accept your blog without any requirements. Typically this is because they get access to free content to post on their blog. Often times guest blogging is a reciprocal process that involves the receiver also posts a blog on the other website.

So its a win-win.

Establish Authority with Medical Spas

You can enjoy being the chief on your website. However, it takes time and determination to nurture a blog from scratch and make it recognized in a competitive industry.

When you curate high-quality, well-written, value-driven, and captivating guest’s posts on reputable and top websites, you get the opportunity to provide unique insights that resonate with prospective clients. As a result of this, you can improve your brand’s reputation as well.


Reader’s who like your products and enjoy reading your posts will instantly visit your website to read your other works. Ultimately, your aesthetic products and services can reap the added benefits of the new exposure. 

At the same time, publishing on authority websites within your specific niche helps you earn respect in the industry as well as authority from search engines while establishing your name and brand.  

If you're a medical spa, a link from a medical or healthcare website is always going to be more valuable than a link from a real estate website in the eyes of Google.

Boost Ranking and Brand Awareness

Guest blogging remains one of the top ways to help boost the rank of your blogs and site in search engines. Every stellar quality blog post you curate is a chance for your readers to learn more about you. 

Moreover, posting guest blogs is an opportunity to enjoy connecting with millions of new readers as clients and potential clients continue to spread the word about your services. 

Continuing to write engaging yet informative Medical Spa guest blogs shows your prowess in the field and helps expand your reach. Moreover, it improves your overall visibility as readers share your guest posts across different social media platforms. 

The Bottom Line

Guest blogging is the perfect way to foster a strong relationship with the blogger hosting your post. Plus, it helps you tap into their audience to enjoy additional exposure.

Unlocking the power of guest blogging is the perfect way to expedite your brand’s awareness and visibility. In turn, your Medical Spa is bound to notice a spike in revenue. 

Learn to stay ahead of your competition by showing your Medical Spa expertise via top-notch guest blogs!

If you want to Guest blog with Miami Skin Spa, send us an email at or message us on IG @MiaSkinSpa 🙂

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