Permanent Makeup Removal in Miami

Enlighten III Laser

45 min duration

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Get rid of permanent makeup, lip liner, eyeliner and microblading on eyebrows.

A non-invasive way to remove unwanted permanent makeup.

How it works...

At Miami Skin Spa we offer a virtually pain-free permanent tattoo removal treatment using the Enlighten 3 laser for cost-effective and quick tattoo removal without burning or scarring. This cutting edge technology removes eyebrow microblading as well as permanent lip liner and eyeliner tattoos.

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Used to treat:

Microblading, permanent lip liner, permanent Eyebrow and permanent makeup

Cutera Enlighten III Miami Skin Spa

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Permanent Makeup Removal

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Treatable areas:

Face, scalp

Permanent Makeup Removal Q&A.

What is the Enlighten 3 Laser?

The Enlighten laser is cutting-edge tattoo removal technology with multiple wavelengths to address tattoos of varying depths and colors. It uses picosecond and nanosecond technology to remove the most stubborn tattoo dyes with 35% fewer treatments. The Enlighten 3 also stimulates elastin and collagen production to revitalize the treated skin.

What to Do & Know Before Your Make-Up Tattoo Removal

A consultation is usually recommended to determine the exact course of treatment for your laser make-up tattoo removal. During the consultation, your treatment specialist will go over what to expect before, during, and after your procedure. They will also give you an estimate as to how many appointments you will need for your unique tattoos and skin type.

Bring a list of any oral meditations and topical skincare products you use so that your surgeon can advise if you need to discontinue them before your procedure. 

On the day of your procedure, you will want to arrive with clean, freshly-showered skin. Do not apply any lotions, perfumes, or make-up as they may interfere with the procedure and recovery.

The Enlighten 3 Laser Treatment for Permanent Tattoo Removal

The Enlighten laser works by breaking down the top layer of the skin into small particles. Your body removes and absorbs the particles as new skin moves in to replace them. The varied wavelengths allow the technician to remove even the previously difficult green and blue tattoo colors. 

Since permanent makeup tattoos usually cover a small area and are a single color, complete removal might be accomplished in one or two 20-minute sessions. The precision of the laser allows for partial or full tattoo removal.

What is Microblading and How Can It Be Removed

The Enlighten 3 laser is also a safe and effective method to remove eyebrow microblading. Microblading is a newer form of permanent cosmetic tattoo that uses several tiny needles to add pigment to the eyebrows. The added pigment makes brows appear fuller - a semi-permanent solution to thin or invisible eyebrows.

Even though the pigment is semi-permanent, you may not be fully satisfied with the end result. The precision of the Enlighten 3 laser allows for partial or full microblading removal. The treatment is also safe for permanent lip and eye liner tattoos, despite the sensitivity of the area.

Enlighten 3 Laser Recovery

The Enlighten 3 laser is designed for safe and fast tattoo removal - with little to no burning or scarring. Recovery from permanent makeup removal using the Enlighten 3 laser is relatively pain-free and straightforward. 

Keep the area clean and apply vaseline and bandages according to your technician's instructions. Your tattoo may appear darker for the first few days before the skin begins to flake and fade. If you need more than one treatment, you will need between 6 and 8 weeks before your next procedure. 

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Miami Skin Spa uses top-rated and FDA-approved devices to rejuvenate your skin. Permanent make-up removal doesn’t have to be a pain - contact us to find out how Enlighten 3 can help you get rid of your unwanted eyebrow microblading, lip and eye liner tattoos!

If you’d like a free estimate for your permanent make-up removal, text a photo of the tattoo to 305-915-3646 for an instant reply.



The Enlighten III Laser uses nano and picosecond laser technology to customize skin treatments for age spot and liver spots removal.

The enlighten laser is a state of the art laser for permanent tattoo removal, including lip liner, eyeliner, scalp micropigmentation and eyebrow tattoo removal. 

It combines multiple modalities into one laser, such as targeting several different wavelengths of light and both nanosecond and picosecond pulse capability. These combinations make age spot, liver spots and freckle removal ideal and achievable on any skin type without any damage to the surrounding skin.

The enlighten laser can prove to have quality results in a minimal number of sessions with results being seen within days of a procedure.


Mary s.

via Yelp

I went to Miami Skin Spa to get rid of my sun spots and age spots.  IT WAS AMAZING. I did the pico genesis and the secret RF. My pores are smaller, my spots are gone and my whole face looks 5 years younger. I get so many compliments. And I no longer have to wear foundation. I love Miami Skin Spa.
Oh, they also do great Hydrafacials and the laser hair removal is painless and works really fast.

luz mueller

Via Google Reviews

Someone recommended Miami Skin Spa for sun spots on my face. The results I saw only a week after the first treatment, I am happy, I look much younger and my skin looks radiant. The measures taken in these times of pandemic are excellent and the staff is highly qualified.

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