What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which a person visibly sweats excessively. A person with this condition may also notice soft, cracked, scaly, pink or white skin that appears in body parts where they tend to sweat more. There may also be an odor caused by bacteria, fungi, and yeast on the wet skin.

Hyperhidrosis affects:

  • Underarms
  • Soles of feet
  • Palms of hands
  • Lower back
  • Genitals
  • Face (cheeks and forehead)

Hyperhidrosis beginning in childhood and adolescence may occur due to a gene mutation. Adults may experience hyperhidrosis as a result of an underlying cause or health condition (such as obesity, injury, frostbite, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, hyperthyroidism), or supplements and medications (such as naproxen and zinc supplements).

If untreated, individuals may experience challenges with daily activities, anxiety, depression, and embarrassment. Individuals with this condition also have a higher risk of skin infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Hyperhidrosis does not seem to decrease or cure with age. 

Is Morpheus8 Effective to Reduce Sweating?

Morpheus8 is an FDA-approved treatment to alleviate excessive sweating, especially in the underarms. A series of three energy-based, non-surgical treatments decreases sweat by 80%. Results are long-lasting and even permanent (in some cases). Morpheus8 can treat underarms, soles of feet, palms of hands, and feet.

Who should not consider Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is effective for all skin tones and types. Although Morpheus8 is a safe, non-surgical procedure, the treatment is not for individuals with pacemakers.

The Morpheus8 radiofrequency waves can alter the functioning of the pacemaker.

Also, individuals who are pregnant, nursing, or experience active skin conditions such as eczema, sores, psoriasis, or rashes should not receive Morpheus8 treatments.

What to expect during the Morpheus8 treatment?

Your Miami Skin Spa professional will apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. He or she will use a combination of microneedling and localized radiofrequency heat to desensitize your sweat glands.

As a result, your glands will stop overproducing sweat. You may also observe reduced odor and hair. The treatment can also alleviate anxiety, stretch marks, and other impurities.


What is the recovery time?

There is no downtime, so you can resume daily activities immediately. 

However, after the one-hour treatment, you may experience temporary mild swelling, bruising, small dots of scabbing, or soreness where you received the treatment. You should heal within four to seven days. 

Your Miami Skin Spa professional may recommend a soothing recovery cream to help ease the recovery symptoms. Within about two to three weeks after treatment, you will begin to notice a decrease in your excessive sweating. Within one month, you may be ready for your next treatment. And after three months, you can expect to observe the full benefits of the Morpheus8 treatment. 

Why Miami Skin Spa?

Miami Ski Spa understands your concerns and personalizes treatment plans according to your aesthetic goals and needs. We are recognized for our expertise, decades of experience, professionalism, dedication to our clients, and exceptional results.

Please contact Miami Skin Spa to schedule your consultation and discuss your aesthetic goals and needs. During your consultation, we will review your concerns, such as sweating and treatment areas. We will create a treatment plan to best support you. 

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