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At Miami Skin Spa we offer all types of skin care treatments, including the Vi Peel chemical peels. 

It is the safest and most effective chemical peel available on the market. It can help improve a  range of skin problems and is safe for all skin types (even those with more sensitive skin) and the results are fantastic.

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What Is a Chemical Peel?

In a world where natural, organic beauty is gaining momentum, you might feel a bit put off by a treatment that uses the word "chemical." However, we're here to shed some light on what chemical peels are and put your mind at rest.

Chemical peels are simply a solution of specific acids applied to the face, neck, or hands to remove dead skin cells and promote the growth of new ones. 

Is Chemical Peel Good for the Skin

The blend of these acids acts as an exfoliator, which causes the skin to eventually peel off, revealing a smoother, younger, and more even complexion.

You can choose between three types of chemical peel: superficial, medium, and deep. Whatever your age and skin condition, and the type of results that you want to see, you can rest assured that one of these three treatments will do the job.

What Is a VI Peel?

At Miami Skin Spa, we are proud and excited to offer our customers a variety of chemical peels, including VI Peels.

VI Peels are the gold standard of chemical peels. They are the safest, most effective chemical peel currently available on the market — so safe that they can be used around the eye area and on the neck, chest, and hands.

What are Vi Peels Good For?

These facial treatments are great and suitable for all ethnicities and skin types, including very sensitive ones, and improve a wide range of skin conditions.

Vi Peel Before & After Pictures

how long does a chemical peel burn take to heal

Patients generally describe VI Peels as only causing very minor discomfort: many talk about a warm, prickly sensation that is very short-lived. The peeling process itself lasts for approximately 2-3 days, and patients can expect to see the first results in less than two weeks after their session.

After your VI Peel, it is very important to look after the new outer layer of skin that's been revealed by the treatment by wearing sun protection and avoiding at-home exfoliation.

What Can I Expect From a Vi Peel

There are a range of chemical peel benefits, including minimizing pores, eliminating acne, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, evening out the skin tone and texture, smoothing scarring and fading discoloration.

Chemical peels are a safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical treatment that truly helps you gain the best skin you have ever had.

how long do vi peel results last

A chemical peel has permanent results on your skin, however the anti-aging fight is a continuous one, so maintaining your results with regular treatments is key.

The procedure can work to strip away age spots, acne scars, dark patches, freckles, and melasma. Chemical peels can benefit those of any age, from those in their 20s and up. They are not only used for aging skin, and it is thought that doing regular chemical peels in your 20s and 30s can make for fresher skin in your later years. 

how long does chemical peel last

Chemical peels work great for many skin problems as well as skin types that even reduce the signs of aging. VI Peels, in particular, are very safe, gentle, and effective even on people with the most sensitive skin and dry skin.

You might want to consider booking a chemical peel or a series of chemical peels if you suffer from any of these issues: acne, scarring, brown spots, sun damage, and melasma.

are chemical peels worth the money

At Miami Skin Spa, we are skin care experts and medical professionals with a real passion for delivering amazing, long-lasting results through the latest and safest products and treatments.

Here's what some of our happy customers have to say about us:

"#1 skin spa in Miami! Love the staff and how quick all my appointments have been! The place is beautiful and they're expanding too!!" - Vanessa Christine

"I've been dealing with melasma for years, testing with different products with no great results. I finally decided to try something different and I can finally see a big improvement and I have only had a couple of sessions. The price is good, very friendly and professional staff, and the results are amazing." - Bertha Loperena

How Much Does a VI Peel Cost?

Usually a Chemical Peel costs about $300. Please check our pricing section to find out more about how much our chemical peels and VI Peels cost. You know what they say “You can't put a price on anti-aging”

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