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Miami Skin Spa specializes in medical aesthetic services that are holistic in nature and offer limited downtime. Our main goal is to provide everlasting youth to our patients without any surgery, due to the advancements in our technology. We set ourselves apart from our competition by only using the latest in aesthetic technology and having physicians with decades of experience.

After coming in for a consultation with one of our physicians, you will be able to comfortably talk about your skin concerns and receive a treatment protocol that will be personally tailored for you.

Our Medical Spa is proud to be an integral part of Miami Vein Center's new cosmetic practice
 that is able to offer thousands of happy clients additional services that will allow them to
 feel more comfortable in their skin in just a few treatments.

Our personalized treatment plans will remove years of aging without the need for fillers or injections. Our new body sculpting services can get you in the best physical shape of your life. Come in for a body sculpting consultation and help us help you achieve your ideal figure.

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Achieving Younger, Radiant, Flawless Skin With Little To No Downtime Has Never Been Easier!

skin rejuvenation

Restore your fine lines and wrinkles with our face & body skin tightening!

Tighten up lax skin here at Miami Skin Spa with one of our non-surgical and effective treatment options.

scar removal

Scars can't be covered with make up; they affect your physical and emotional well being.

There's no reason to feel like that anymore.

spot removal

Age spots, sun spots, and brown spots are all different forms of hyper pigmentation. 

Brightening up your skin has never been easier. We use the best technology in the market to deliver painless results!

body sculpting miami fl

body sculpting

Cool sculpting and Kybella injections are a thing of the past!

Body Sculpting is a revolutionary new procedure that allows you to sculpt and contour your body in as little as one treatment.

This procedure is clinically proven to permanently eliminate as much as 25% of fat cells in an area with ONE session. 

TruSculp FLEX Truflex Miami Skin spa0000

muscle sculpting

Muscle Sculpting is the fastest way to  get the body you want.

One session of our safe and effective muscle sculpting on the abdomen is equivalent to 54,000 crunches!

This treatment uses electricity to make muscle groups contract, and has been proven to increase muscle mass by as much as 30%!

antioxidants hydrafacial


The best skin you've ever had is only 3 steps and 30 minutes away. 

Our Hydrafacial helps you achieve the best skin of your life in 3 simple steps: Cleanse + Peel, Extract + Hydrate, Fuse + Protect.

laser hair removal

Never see unwanted hair again with the state of the art laser: Excel™ HR by Cutera. 

The Excel HR can be used by all patients, regardless of sex, skin pigmentation or skin types.

tattoo removal

No matter the reason, Miami Skin Spa can handle all tattoo removal needs.

Using Cutera's Enlighten III laser to blend old and new technology, we promise to bring your skin back to new.

spot removal

Age spots, sun spots, and brown spots are all different forms of hyper pigmentation. Brightening up your skin has never been easier. 

tattoo removal

No matter the reason, Miami Skin Spa can handle all tattoo removal needs.

Using Cutera's Enlighten III laser to blend old and new technology, we promise to bring your skin back to new.

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patient reviews

I started laser hair removal ten years ago when I was 12. I decided to try hair removal on the Cutera Excel™ HR. A miracle happened. After only one treatment on this laser, my hair is gone, and the hair has not returned and it has already been 4 months.

amanda sanchez

Laser Hair Removal Patient

Via Google Reviews

It thought it was going to hurt really badly, but it was just like it was like a small pinch, you feel, and then that just happened and then she stopped. Move to the next one stop. So it was like I got breaks in between. The ice pack really helped because it cooled down.

emma mcgovern

Laser Tattoo Removal Patient

Via Google Reviews

I have been looking for a Microneedling device with Radio Frequency here in the Brickell Area. I can't wait for Miami Skin Spa to get their machine, so I don't have to travel to get my treatments.


julie ann

Scar Removal with Secret RF Patient

Via Google Reviews

our medical spa technology

Due to advancements in laser technology, Cutera lasers not only delay plastic surgery, but they allow us to keep looking young in ways we never imagined!

trusculpt flex

The truSculpt™ fleX is a non-invasive device designed to tone and sculpt the muscles with an electrical current. Treatments are totally customizable and are designed with each patients goals in mind. 

Trusculpt ID miami skin spa fat removal

trusculpt id

The truSculpt™ iD is a cutting edge, non-surgical technique called 'RF Lipolysis' or 'Heat Shock,' and is proven to eliminate at least 24% of fat cells in a given area. 

Secret RF scar Cutera machine miami skin spa

secret rf

The Secret RF™ Microneedling machine is designed to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen within the skin. This is perfect for patients who wish to revitalize and refresh the appearance of their skin. 

Miami SKin Spa cutera HR hair removal excel

excel hr

Our State of the Art Excel HR Machine was designed to quickly and permanently remove unwanted hair. Depending on the location, all hair can be removed within 5 short, 30 minute sessions. 

Cutera Enlighten III Miami Skin Spa

enlighten iii laser

Cutera's  Enlighten™ III is the next generation of Tattoo Removal. By switching between pulse durations and wavelengths rapidly, it is able to remove ink particles with sound instead of heat, so it hurts less!

Hydrafacials at Miami Skin Spa Brickell


The HydraFacial cleanses and revitalizes the skin in a three step process that takes 30 minutes. At Miami Skin Spa we also offer a Deluxe treatment that is highly customized to the patient.  

About us

At Miami Skin Spa we are devoted to providing the best possible care for everyone and help you achieve everlasting youth without the need of surgery or injections, which means with no downtime at all!

We set ourselves part by only using the latest technology and personalizing treatments to your specific needs and goals!

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