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Get rid of Dark Spots.

A non-invasive dark spot treatment.

How it works...

At Miami Skin Spa we have a number of dark spot, age spot removal and sun spot removal treatments to suit your skin type and your needs. 

Dark spot removal has never been easier, they can even disappear in as little one treatment. Find your skin today with our Pico Genesis and laser genesis treatments.

Why we love it

Melasma and Dark Spots are easy and economical to get rid of. Find out all you need to know here in our treatment removal guide.

We are able to offer our clients the most effective and efficient treatment through the use of our high-tech Secret Radio Frequency and Enlighten lasers.

Used to treat:

Dark spots, skin spots, age spots, brown spots, skin complexion


Before and after image of melasma and brown spot removal treatment after 1 treatment session with pico genesis laser - Miami Skin Spa
Before and after image of melasma and brown spot removal treatment after 2 treatment sessions with pico genesis laser - Miami Skin Spa
Before and after image of melasma and brown spot removal treatment after 1 treatment session with pico genesis laser - Miami Skin Spa
Before and after image of melasma and brown spot removal treatment after 1 treatment session with pico genesis laser - Miami Skin Spa

Simple and easy

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Who is a Candidate?

Anyone under the Miami sun is a good candidate for brown spot removal, freckle removal or melasma.

What Skin Types are the Treatments Best For?

Our Enlighten III Laser's can change through a variety of settings. This allows us to tailor a regiment to each person desiring brown spot removal, melasma treatment, revitalization, and resurfacing.

What are the Benefits of Enlighten III Laser for Dark Spot Removal?

Our Nano and Picosecond technology allows us to customize the color wavelengths and energy level. This is important because it allows us to treat a variety of skin tones without burning the top layer of the dermis.

Another major benefit is that because it is non invasive, and it is a laser that treats the top layer of the skin, you don't experience any downtime.

How is Our Dark Spot Removal Better?

Our Enlighten III Laser has the ability to tailor the treatment to each person making the laser effective on different skin types and brown spot composition.

Due to the ability to set the wavelength to a specific color, such as brown or red, we can prevent any damage to the surrounding skin.

The Enlighten III Laser has the ability to treat melasma and remove brown spots faster, requiring less treatments.

Is There Any Downtime After Dark Spot Removal Procedure?

No at Miami Skin Spa none of our treatments require any downtime. Almost every one of our patients chooses to return to their work and normal daily activities the next day.

Best of all you can even put on makeup right after the treatment!

How Long Do You Have to Wait Between Treatments?


How Many Treatments Will You Need for Optimal Results?

This varies from individual to individual and is largely based upon the size and the color of the brown spot. 

Some people may achieve optimal results in 1 treatment, but in general, 3-5 treatments are typical to treat most age spots. Given the amount of sunlight we're exposed to in Miami we recommend a yearly or quarterly maintenance session to maintain results.

This is by far better than other treatments available for brown spots, which can take up to 15 sessions to remove.

How Long does a Dark Spot Removal Treatment Effects Last?

The longevity of your brown spot removal treatment or liver spots removal treatment is based on a number of factors. If you maintain a healthy skin regiment, avoid sunlight or cover yourself with garments your results will be more permanent. 

However in Miami that is hard and enjoying the sun is part of the enjoyment of life. We usually recommend that our patients come in for quarterly or yearly maintenance sessions.

How Should You Prepare for the Procedure?

You should come to your appointment with a clean face and without makeup.

What To Expect During Dark Spot Treatment?

Your face will be cleansed at our practice and you will be provided with protective eyewear. A laser device will be placed directly against your skin. The length of the procedure is based upon the size and amount of age spots that are being treated, but it is typically a short procedure at that lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

During the procedure, mild discomfort is noted, usually feeling like a rubber band snapping against the skin. If this is more than discomfort and you do not feel comfortable, a topical anesthetic cream or gel may be applied in order to complete the procedure. After the procedure, you are able to go back to normal daily tasks without restriction.

What to Expect After Treatment and Recovery?

After your treatment, you may feel as though you have a mild sunburn and the area treated may appear swollen.

The brown spots will usually darken, but then flake off during healing. Results are typically seen within a few days after the first treatment.

You should avoid any direct sun exposure and wear sunscreen to protect the skin at all times.

Are there any Side Effects from the Treatment?

The most common side effect is skin irritation that manifests itself into a sunburn-like effect.

The treated area will usually experience minor swelling in the hours following the treatment. If a burning sensation or swelling occurs it can be alleviated through the application of ice.

what are dark spots?

Dark skin spots are usually flat, oval, or tan areas of the skin. They are most commonly found on the face and the hands, two of the areas most exposed to UV light.

Although, many people believe that it is due to age, we now know it is actually due excessive sun exposure. Age spots, on the other hand, are very similar skin spots brought about by aging.

What causes dark spots?

As we age our skin's natural defense system starts to slowly weaken leaving us at risk of skin conditions.

Examples of this include spots, freckles, skin sagging, wrinkles and dryness. These are common with aging and their appearance increases without an adequate skin care routine. Roughly 40% of the US population have complaints about their uneven skin pigmentation caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

As we age our skin becomes more fine and thin and looses its elasticity and tightness. Once this occurs the skin requires more time to fully heal itself. These effects of aging are extenuated by over-exposure to sunlight. Which is why we always recommend a high SPF sunblock and moisturizer for our patients.

As mentioned above, the best preventative measure to slow down the effects of aging is through the use of sunblock (SPF 50 or higher) and wearing long sleeve clothing that protects your skin from UV exposure. There are many products that will claim to revitalize skin and reduce wrinkles but unfortunately not many will achieve the results your after.


There are multiple types of procedures that can remove dark spots, age spots and sun spots, while also improving the overall appearance of the skin. These treatments include:

  • Topical creams, ointments and remedies (best for minimal dark spots and prevention)
  • Chemical peels and Hydrafacials 
  • Laser Treatments (Laser and Pico Genesis)

Although many dermatologists recommend surgery and chemical peels, this leads to substantial downtime, unpredictable results and substantial pain. 

At Miami Skin Spa we recommend our non-invasive PICO Genesis laser treatment with the Enlighten III Laser by Cutera for the removal of dark spots and melasma treatment.

For less severe cases we recommend our Deluxe spot removal Hydrafacial which also has a good track record of reducing the signs of skin spots.



The Enlighten III Laser uses nano and picosecond laser technology to customize skin treatments for brown spot and melasma treatment.

Enlighten laser uses quick pulses to disrupt the collagen which in turn leads to smoothing and improvement in the appearance of your acne scars and skins texture.

The results of our acne scar removal treatments are achieved with minimal pain and few treatments, making both excellent options for treating your acne scarring.

Both our Secret RF dermal remodeling and Enlighten Lasers provide highly sought after improvement to acne scarring and skin texture.

The enlighten laser is a state of the art laser for brown spot removal, tattoo removal, acne scarring, and other pigment issues such as melasma.

It combines multiple modalities into one laser, such as targeting several different wavelengths of light and both nanosecond and picosecond pulse capability. These combinations make dark spot removal ideal and achievable on any skin type without any damage to the surrounding skin.

The enlighten laser can prove to have quality results in a minimal number of sessions with results being seen within days of a procedure.


chelcia may

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My new go-to spa! The staff were super nice and Informative. They made me feel super comfortable, and helped me figure out the best services for my skin. The Pico Genesis has changed my skin! My sun spots are basically gone 🙂

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I always have an incredible experience at Miami Skin Spa! The nurses are all very friendly, and I am so happy with my treatment for my sun spots. I definitely recommend this place.


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