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How it works...

At Miami Skin Spa we offer the latest in scar tissue removal Technology with the Morpheus8 Machine by Inmode.

After an average of 2-3 treatments, your scars will be virtually invisible. If you have low, moderate or severe skin scarring there is a procedure just for you!

Why we love it

There are many scar removal treatments. The one we prefer is the Radio Frequency version. The technology compliment each other with the help of either a set of 25 or 64 gold-plated needles that stimulate your skins collagen reproduction. 

Our Competitors are using Laser Technology that only resurfaces the first layer of the skin (the epidermis), which limits the amount of Skin Rejuvenation that can truly occur.

Used to treat:


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Morpheus8 Microneedling

Full Face


Full Face and Neck


Full Face, Neck, and Decollete 


Sweat Reduction 


Treatable areas:

Anywhere on face and body

Scar Removal Q&A.

Who is a Candidate?

Anyone who has scars, no matter their size or density is a candidate for our scar removal services. If you want to improve the condition and appearance of your skin then you will want to get our scar removal treatment.

What Skin Types are the Treatments Best For?

Our scar removal works on all skin types.

What are the Benefits?

Anyone who has scars, no matter their size or density is a candidate for our scar removal services. 

Can Scars Go Away?

Yes, after 2-6 sessions your scarring can be removed.

How Old do you Have to be?

You can get scar removal treatment at any age.

How Long Do You Have to Wait Between Treatments?

Usually between 4-6 weeks.

How Long do the Effects Last?

The effects of scar removal treatment are permanent.

How Should You Prepare for the Procedure?

Before you start your treatment you will get detailed scar removal pre and post instructions.

Most importantly make sure you aren't sun burnt on the area being treated.

What To Expect During Treatments?

The treatments are quick and easy. If necessary you will be provided with numbing cream to improve your comfort during the treatment.

What to Expect After Treatment and Recovery?

There is no downtime. Just stay out of the sun post treatment.

Are there any Side Effects from the Treatment?

After your treatment there will be redness to the targeted area, but this subsides over the course of 24-48 hours.

Scar Treatments Before and After Photos

Our before and after photos show how dramatic the results are with non-surgical scar removal treatments at Miami Skin Spa in Brickell.

Before and after image of scar removal treatment after 1 treatment session - Miami Skin Spa
Before and after image of acne scar removal treatment after 1 treatment session with Secret RF- Miami Skin Spa
Before and after image of scar removal treatment after 1 treatment session - Miami Skin Spa
Before and after image of acne scar removal treatment after 1 treatment session with Secret RF- Miami Skin Spa

FDA Approved. Patient Reviewed.

EXPECT Results

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Scarring is our bodies natural response to skin trauma. When the Dermis is damaged, scarring is the first natural response to repairing our skin. Next, the body creates new collagen fibers to fix the damage which will in many cases cause scar tissue to form.

Scars have a different skin texture and quality to the surrounding skin, which is why there are different types of scars which require variety of removal treatments. The most common types of scar removal are: Acne Scar RemovalBreast Scar, Stretch Mark (Growth Scar) Removal.

Scars tend to be flat and pale but in cases where your body produces too much collagen the scars are raised. Raised scars are classified as hypertrophic scars or keloid scars, this occurs more often to younger people and those with a darker skin pigmentation. When a scar is sunken or depressed it is classified as atrophic scarring. 

Types of Scars


Acne Scars come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most important aspect of removing your acne scars is determining the type of scarring.

After we have established the type of scar, we are able to provide a personalized treatment plan specific to your scarring.

Acne Scars are a major source of insecurity and many people continue to suffer even after their acne condition has disappeared.


Surgical scarring is common amongst women who have had invasive surgery to adjust the size of their breasts.

Another reason for Breast Scars is rapid weight gain or weight loss.

Habits you should postpone while having Breast Scars are:

  • Smoking,
  • Tanning,
  • Excessive Scrubbing,
  • Itching or scratching the scarred area

Our State-of-the-Art Radio Frequency Microneedling Scar Removal treatment will remove the scarring on your beast within an average of 3-6 treatments.

The best way to start improving your appearance is by coming in for a free beauty consultation. 


Both of our Secret RF Microneedling (Dermal Remodeling) and Laser Genesis treatments are able to safely and effectively repair a variety of skin conditions. 

Laser Genesis is used to provide resurfacing to the skin. Allowing for the smoothing of cartilage and removal of brown spots.

While, Secret RF using 64 gold plated radio frequency infused  micro-needles to allow new fibers of collagen to come to life that were hidden under the first layer of skin.

The Enlighten III laser uses laser pulses at the picosecond and nanosecond to disrupt the collagen, stimulating its reproduction. 

This process improves and resurfaces acne scars, skin texture, and removes stretch marks

breast scar removal miami skin spa
leg stretch mark removal miami skin spa

Is Scar Removal Possible?

The most important factors in the successful removal of your Scar is the severity and depth, your skin type, and how well your skin was able to heal the scar on its own. 

Today's technological advances in Radio Frequency allow for us to guarantee visible results after just one treatment.

By the end of a standard treatment regiment, most of our patients experience a 90% improvement in their scarring, allowing them to feel beautiful in their skin everyday. 

Our Free Beauty Consultation allows us to design a personalized beauty regiment that diagnoses your scarring and presents you with the best course of action and skin care products.

morpheus8 resurfacing

How to get rid of scars?

The most popular treatment is through the use of cosmetics, but obviously this is a temporary solution that requires high cost and lots of maintenance.

At Miami Skin Spa we only recommend the following treatments to make scars less noticeable:

  • Topical creams, ointments and remedies
  • Dermabrasion
  • Large scar revision
  • Light chemical peels

what is the best scar removal treatment?

At Miami Skin Spa we usually only recommend Secret Radio Frequency MicroNeedling for Scar Removal.

Our Secret Radio Frequency (RF) MicroNeedling treatment uses needles to stimulate deep into the skin (the dermis) which leads to a significant boost in elastin and collagen production.

The results from this Scar Removal treatment take a couple of sessions to take full effect to appear it is non-invasive and doesn't require the use of any toxic chemicals or knives. Secret RF MicroNeedling is the most effective non-invasive scar treatment on the market with no downtime.

Before we start any procedure we take a look at the following:

  • The location of your skin scarring
  • Type of scarring
  • The amount of skin scarring
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • How you feel about your scars

How much does scar removal cost?

The price of scar removal varies by the size of the scar. 

The starting price for a scar removal session is $500.




A microneedling procedure that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for tighter skin.

Morpheus8 is an FDA approved, non-invasive device that uses multiple techniques to reduce the appearance of saggy skin while simotaneously provide anti-aging benefits with the introduction of collagen..

By penetrating the deep layers of the skin you are able to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are both important for smooth and youthful looking skin.

Enlighen III Laser machine


The Enlighten III Laser uses nano and picosecond laser technology to customize skin treatments.

Enlighten laser treatments use quick pulses to disrupt the collagen which in turn leads to smoothing and improvement in the appearance of your scars and skins texture.

The results of our scar and stretch mark removal treatments are achieved with minimal pain and few treatments, making both excellent options for treating your scarring and stretch marks.

Both our Secret RF dermal remodeling and Enlighten Lasers provide highly sought after improvement to any type of scarring and skin texture.


Lissa delorenzo

via Google Reviews

Had a wonderful RF Microneedling treatment and I’m loving the results. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and office was nice and clean. I can’t wait to come back for another!


Via Google Reviews

Amazing service!! They saved my skin!! I'm currently doing the micro needling and I'm seeing great results!

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