You deserve to feel happy and confident about the way you look - and it starts with your face! Imagine removing your double chin and unwanted chin fat once and for all.

It's no longer a distant dream - it's a reality! TruSculpt iD uses revolutionary technology for double chin removal that seriously works.

If you are ready to pursue double chin removal non-surgical options, you've come to the right place. Read the article below to find out how to remove a double chin and the facts about TruSculpt iD.

1. What Is TruSculpt iD?

TruSculpt iD uses radio frequency to contour areas of your body. It uses high levels of heat to remove fat cells in a particular area of the body. Using TruSculpt iD body sculpting will not damage your skin. In fact it even tightens the skin while helping you get rid of your double chin with no side effects.

TruSculpt is a superior, non-surgical way to remove unwanted fat. Many people prefer the TruSculpt process to fat freezing. It's more comfortable and convenient than other methods of fat removal, like CoolSculpting.


A session of TruSculpt can kill up to 24% of fat cells with minimal disruption to your day. And the best part? You can feel confident about TruSculpt's safety and efficacy because it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for fat removal.


2. How Does TruSculpt iD Work?

TruSculpt iD kills fat cells with targeted heat. The technology uses radio frequency to start a process of apoptosis. Apoptosis is a fancy term for the process whereby cells die. During TruSculpt the cells are intentionally killed to remove fat in a given area of the body.

Let's say you are interested in how to remove a double chin using TruSculpt. A professional technician will put heated pads in the area. You will feel a warm massaging sensation as the heat energy is transferred. The session will usually last about 15 minutes.

For double chin fat removal, you will need more than one session over three to four months. Smaller sculpting tools are used for chin fat than other areas of the body. So, you'll need to schedule more than one session to see meaningful results.

If you've tried diet and exercise to lose weight and chin fat without success, TruSculpt could be just what you need! Keep reading to find out more.

3. Does TruSculpt Work on Chin Fat?

You may have seen demonstrations or truSculpt iD before & after pictures of truSculpt iD on belly fat, arm fat, or leg fat. But it works for chin fat too! The same technology works even on sensitive areas of the body like the chin.

If you have a double chin it could be genetic. You may also have unwanted chin fat as a result of being overweight or obese. But double chins can also happen when your body starts to produce less collagen and elastin.

Collagen is responsible for the structure and elasticity (tightness) of the skin. Without enough collagen, your skin will sag resulting in the appearance of a double chin. Our bodies naturally start to produce less collagen as we age.

TruSculpt has an applicator that can be applied under the chin to kill fat cells. It targets the submental areas of fat that causes the appearance of a double chin. After your treatment is over, your chin will look smoother and higher than before. 

4. How Much Does Double Chin Removal Cost?

The cost of double chin fat removal with truSculpt iD varies based on the size of the treatment area. However for most people the cost per session will be $750 per session. 

You can schedule a consultation to get an estimate on the cost of services before you commit. 

Chin fat removal will likely cost about $2,000 to $2,400. To get a more accurate estimate you should book the consultation and ask plenty of questions. Additional sessions may cost less than the initial session.

5. What Is the Recovery Process Like?

One of the biggest benefits is that TruSculpt iD is 100% safe and FDA-Approved so there is little to no recovery time after your session. Once your session is complete, you can go back to work, exercise, or take a shower. 

The truSculpt iD Body Sculpting process is pain-free, so you shouldn't have any lingering effects. Most TruSculpt technicians will suggest that you drink plenty of water after your session because it allows fat cells to be secreted from the body efficiently. Other than that, feel free to carry on with your day as usual.

Other Helpful TruSculpt Tips

Now that you have a good understanding of the TruSculpt process, there are a few more tips to get the most out of your treatment. First, follow all pre-treatment suggestions. For example, you should drink plenty of water and remove any piercings from the treatment area of your body.

People often wonder whether the results from a truSculpt iD session are permanent. The good news is that they can be! However, for best results, it's important to continue to eat a balanced diet and follow exercise guidelines. If the results from the first session fade, you can return for another session.

You are a good candidate for truSculpt if you are over the age of 18 and want a reduction in fat beneath the chin or neck area and you're not interested in plastic surgery. Both men and women can benefit from TruSculpt.

If you have been turned away from other cosmetic procedures because the amount of fat you wanted to be removed was too small, TruSculpt could be the perfect solution. Get a consultation to confirm you are. good TruSculpt candidate.

TruSculpt can also be used on other areas of the body. You can book a TruSculpt session to address multiple areas of your body in one session.

Have more questions? Visit our truSculpt iD FAQ page.

Start the Double Chin Removal Process Today

It's time to make a change. If you have been living your life feeling self-conscious about your double chin, today is the day to say "no more".

Live your best, most confident life when you choose double chin removal.

truSculpt iD Body Contouring is a safe and effective way to target fat cells in your chin and reduce the appearance of fat or sagging skin. You'll be amazed by the results.

If you still have questions about TruSculpt or want to book a consultation, request a consultation online

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