More and more people are turning to non-invasive cosmetic procedures to contour their bodies as opposed to choosing expensive and painful cosmetic surgeries.

You can find personalized, non-surgical treatments to address whatever area of your body that you want to improve. 

Best of all there's no downtime, so you don't worry about missing out on weeks of work while you recover from one of the many non-surgical body sculpting options available. 

truSculpt fleX and truSculpt iD are two great options for increasing your muscle mass and getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat. With the truSculpt line of treatments, you can achieve a thinner and more toned appearance in no time. 

This guide will go over truSculpt iD vs. truSculpt fleX. Read on to learn the benefits of each one so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you. 

What Is TruSculpt iD?

truSculpt iD destroys fat in your body through the use of monopolar radiofrequency energy. 

It penetrates below the skin layer, all the way through to the subcutaneous fat layer. It's commonly used to treat stubborn fat pockets in the following areas:

  • Upper arms
  • Under the chin
  • Love handles
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs

The truSculpt iD will heat up the targeted fat pockets with radiofrequency energy until they reach a state of lipolysis, which is essentially just means until they are irreversibly destroyed. After 15-minutes per treatment area the treatment is complete. The sensation of the truSculpt iD treatment is comparable to that of a hot stone massage.

Over the next 12 weeks, your body will flush out these dead fat cells by way of the body's natural drainage system.

One of the main advantages to the truSculpt iD is that it has the added benefit of tightening the skim around the targeted areas. Oftentimes a reduction in fat through non-invasive body contouring treatments will lead to excess skin, but with the truSculpt iD that's no longer a concern. 

Furthermore, the truSculpt iD can visibly improve the appearance of cellulite. 

Does TruSculpt iD Really Work?

truSculpt iD is one of the most effective fat reduction treatments available. Studies have shown that the treatment is effective in removing an average of 24% of fat in a single treatment. 

The treatment is also 100% clinically proven and FDA-Approved to remove stubborn pockets of fat. 

Even though the truSculpt works, the results will take at least 6 weeks to show, and most people need to wait up to 12 weeks to see the peak results of the treatment. There are many truSculpt iD Before & Afters you can look at to gauge how long you can expect to wait for results to appear.

Whereas with invasive procedures the results are almost immediate, however there's a lot more risk of side effects, more downtime, and a significant amount of money.

Is TruSculpt iD Permanent?

truSculpt iD results are only permanent if your eating habits and exercise routine remains at a constant after the treatment. If after your treatment you start eating more fast food, doing less cardio, and drinking more soda then your results are not going to be permanent, and they may not even show at all.

A Table that compares the three most popular body sculpting and body contouring devices: truSculpt id, CoolSculpting and SculpSure

truSculpt iD is a very effective body contouring treatment that has long-lasting effects when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ensure you see the benefits of truSculpt iD for years to come. 

It is always recommended that patients improve both their eating habits and exercise frequency after the truSculpt iD so they can experience the best results for themselves.

What Is the Cost of TruSculpt iD?

The price for truSculpt iD starts at $2,400, but it depends on each individual person's needs. 

If you want to target more areas per treatment and do multiple sessions, that will likely reduce the overall price, especially when paid upfront. 

It's always best to talk with a qualified medical spa during a consultation to discuss your needs and your goals.

What Are the Benefits of TruSculpt iD?

When you get a truSculpt iD treatment, you can resume your normal activities immediately. You'll start to see results in around six weeks, with maximum results appearing by the 12-week mark. 

The treatment is completely pain-free. You may experience some warmth in the areas that are being treated. It's specifically designed to safely and evenly distribute higher temperatures to your body for longer periods of time without causing you any discomfort. 

If you're struggling to rid your body of stubborn areas of fat, truSculpt iD body contouring may be the right treatment for you. It helps with fat reduction in specific areas of the body without the hassle and recovery time of traditional surgical options. 

What Is TruSculpt FleX?

If you're looking to increase your body's muscle mass, you should consider the truSculpt iD’s sister device, the truSculpt fleX. This muscle sculpting procedure can increase your muscle mass and thickness by upwards of 30% by way of electrical muscle stimulation. 

If you are targeting your abs you’ll experience the results of 54,000 sit-ups in as little as one 45 minute session. 

You can target specific muscle groups while tailoring the treatment to your shape goals and fitness level. 

The results you get from one session of truSculpt fleX muscle sculpting would take you over three months to achieve with regular diet and exercise. 

A tbale comparing the statistics of twpo of the most popular muscle scultping devices, the EMSculpt and the truSculpt fleX

How Much Does TruSculpt FleX Cost?

On average, a single truSculpt fleX session will cost $1,000 per session. If you buy multiple sessions up front or sign up for a monthly membership program those prices will drop to under $500 per session.

What Does TruSculpt FleX Do?

When you get a truSculpt fleX treatment, a handheld device is used to send low-energy and painless bioelectric current pulses into your muscle fibers. It will essentially replicate the muscle contractions and stimulation experienced at the gym.

With muscle sculpting treatments there is no strain on ligaments, bones and joints meaning that the body doesn't need to produce the same level of energy to reach muscle hypertrophy (the scientific word for muscle growth ?). 

The targeted muscles will be able to endure more strenuous contraction and stimulation when compared to manual exercise. This also means there is much less lactic acid build up and as a result no downtime or significant soreness after the treatment. 

In many ways the truSculpt fleX bypasses the body's natural function, thus eliminating the related side effects while also achieving better results in a time-effective manner. 

There are three unique treatment modes, the prep mode (for those that don't work out), tone mode and sculpt mode. A package of 6 sessions will include 2 of each and a package of 4 will include the latter two. Up to 8 areas can be treated in a single session and results are sustained for about 3 months.

How Long Does truSculpt fleX Last?

Like the truSculpt iD the truSculpt fleX needs to be paired with a healthy diet and exercise. To maintain your strength and muscle mass, you need to continue your regular exercise routines. 

Depending on your lifestyle and workout regiment, you may require additional monthly or bi-monthly maintenance sessions to maintain your muscle tone.

TruSculpt iD or TruSculpt FleX: Which Do You Choose?

TruSculpt fleX treatments aren't designed for fat loss and skin tightening, like the truSculpt iD. It is designed to specifically target muscle groups, and will tone them in line with your fitness level, shape and goals.

If you have excess pockets of fat on your body, you'll want to start with a truSculpt iD treatment. That will eliminate the stubborn areas of fat first.

After that, if you still want to tone and tighten those areas, talk with your local med spa about following it up with a group of truSculpt fleX treatments. They can customize your treatment plan based on your goals.  

Most people will benefit from combining the truSculpt iD and the truSculpt fleX. Remove those stubborn pockets of fat, tighten the surrounding skin and then pack on some more muscle to complete your transformation. 

Whether you're seeking a truSculpt fleX, a truSculpt iD treatment, or something else, the professionals at Vitahl can help you with a free consultation. 

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