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What is EPAT by STORZ Medical

EPAT, or Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology, is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment used to relieve pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions. With no scarring, no anesthesia, and no down time, the simply procedure is the choice of many patients seeking a cutting-edge option. STORZ medical has been able to improve and refine this technology, delivering pain relief in conjunction with leading practitioners.

Before and After STORZ EPAT treatments

How does post liposuction lymphatic massage work?

The idea behind EPAT is that acoustic pressure waves, which are essentially shockwaves, can be used to enhance blood circulation and speed up the process of healing. While shockwaves have been used for decades, the technology has evolved over time to allow for processes like this one.

  1. Shock waves
  2. Enhance blood flow 
  3. Promote healing

About Treatments with EPAT

Most people will undergo four or five EPAT treatments, each lasting 15 minutes or less. Unlike invasive pain management options, EPAT is doe in an office via a handheld device that emits a series of pulses to the affected area. The strength is gradually increased, with the patient sharing their own tolerance for discomfort, until a therapeutic level is achieved. Most patients describe the treatment as uncomfortable, but not painful.  EPAT is often considered a regenerative medicine, as it helps the body speed up its own healing process by encouraging the regeneration of tissue.

In addition to treating these conditions, EPAT can be used to address cellulite or enhance results after liposuction treatments. In these cases, the shockwave therapy is used to remodel the tissues, improving the appearance of cells over time. The pulse of acoustic waves permeates deep into fat cells and connective tissue, causing the body to produce collagen as a replacement during natural healing. This new collagen and tissues are more dense, leaving a firm and smooth skin. 

storz cellulite treatment at miami skin spa

Why Use STORZ Devices

STORZ Medical has had over 75 years of experience with medical research and development, making them a trusted and renowned medical manufacturer of many devices. This includes a next generation, portable shockwave device designed for effective EPAT in the D-Actor line. These machines feature an innovative “Single Frame Casing” with three-dimensional design, and a front that resembles EPAT signal power, reliability, and efficiency. 

Providers choose STORZ devices for EPAT because of the innovative and effective V-actor handpieces that accompany the machines. All operating elements can be integrated into these handpieces, which allows for settings to be changed without looking away from a patient, increasing safety. These handpieces are the only ones on the market that allow for frequency, energy level, and pressure level to be adjusted directly on the machine via selector buttons. 

The handpieces designed by STORZ also enable a targeted application of pneumatically generated vibration pulses direcrlt to the tissue. The compression and decompression improves microcirculation as well as allowing the blood and lymph systems to shed metabolic waste products and toxins. By elongating fascial and muscle fibres, the tool also restores normal muscle tone by eliminating shortening and hardening of these muscles.

STORZ Medical is the clear leader in the field of pressure wave technology such as EPAT and is the leading distributor of the equipment in this field. Their record speaks for itself and each machine is well-crafted and effective.

EPAT at Miami Skin Spa

At Miami Skin Spa, we offer EPAT treatments to a range of patients, always relying on STORZ superior technology to bring each person the highest quality treatment. Whether you are looking to eliminate cellulite or reduce pain from a condition like frozen shoulder, the highly trained professionals at Miami Skin Spa will be able to address your needs. We rely on equipment that is patient-centered, reliable, and innovative in order to ensure all treatments meet our standards, which is why STORZ devices are our choice for shockwave therapy.


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