The process of laser hair removal involves quick pulses of laser energy being emitted on targeted areas destroys the hair follicles to be destroyed until they stop producing hair. This process instantly decreases the amount and thickness of hair.

Laser Hair Removal or Shaving: Which one wins?

Anyone considering getting their hair permanently removed needs to choose the right treatment. There's a lot of manufacturers and medical spa's out there stating they're the best at getting the job done. But even though these companies all offer the same service, the technology being used couldn't be more different. 

The gold standard in laser technology and aesthetic devices is Cutera. The excel HR laser hair removal device by Cutera is considered to be the safest and most effective machine on the market. One of its many benefits is its superior cooling that makes the process as pain-free as possible.

Why don’t I just continue shaving?

Well let's put it this way, you waste over 130 minutes of your time each month shaving unwanted hair. You're also slowing killing the planet by wasting over 7,500 gallons of water a year. Worst of all it'll cost you $10,000+ in shaving supplies over a lifetime.

With laser hair removal you can save time, money and the planet while eliminating hair growth.

The facts and figures behind laser hair removal vs shaving

Take this into account too: what if I told you the average woman shaves almost 8000 times in her lifetime, over the course of approximately 50 years. If shaving session takes 10 minutes, that's about 60 days of your life spent shaving.

This process can be avoided with just 6-8 sessions of laser hair removal. Some people may require the occasional touch up over the course of their lifetime. But still... It's a no brainer.

Imagine a life of never having to shave and never having to deal with any annoying razor burns or razor cuts.

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The only bad news is that we can not do it in one session

Unfortunately, in this it’s impossible to just zap all of your hair at once and never worry about it again. There are a couple of reasons why you need to visit a specialist more than once. 

First, not all hair follicles are active at the same time. For the laser to work there has to be hair, and because there is not always hair in each and every follicle, the laser will always miss some each session. 

The cycle takes a month to complete on average, which means laser treatments are usually spaced out by a month.

How does the excel HR work so well?

The excel HR has the ability to deliver more targeted energy but it also matches this to the patients skin. Allowing for a fully personalized treatment.

A comparison of the excel hr vs competing devices ability to target all skin types

The excel HR also has built in technology that prevents the outer layer of the skin from heating up. This means a more comfortable treatment with no downtime.

A comparison of the excel hr vs competing devices ability to protect the skin

This treatment couldn't be any safer or easier. And you can treat almost any area, like your bikini line, legs and underarms. 

Just watch the video below for the rundown on how its done at Miami Skin Spa.

Simple and effective

Treatment Video

Laser hair removal sounds really expensive...

Well, of course. This procedure is permanent, and when considering laser hair removal vs. shaving you need to see it like plastic surgery. Not only are you paying to use an expensive laser machine, but you're also paying to be seen by professional staff.

Many factors are reflected in the cost, such as the area size, skin type, and overall difficulty of the procedure. Most people can expect to pay about $150-$450 per laser hair removal treatment from smaller to larger areas.

when it comes cosmetic procedures that will enhance your life you never go bargain hunting.

It's important to consider the effectiveness of their treatments and the reduced time it takes to achieve the desired results.

At Miami Skin Spa we only offer the absolute best technology and trauma free cosmetic treatments. Many of our patients have come from our competitors because of adverse reactions and lackluster results. You can't replace your skin, so treat it with care and choose a provider who delivers excellence. 

Think about laser hair removal vs. shaving this way

“American women who shave (a relatively inexpensive way to remove hair) will spend, on average, more than $10,000 and nearly two entire months of their lives simply managing unwanted hair. The woman who waxes once or twice a month will spend more than $23,000 dollars over the course of her lifetime. Most American men, too, now routinely remove facial hair, and increasing numbers modify hair elsewhere on their bodies."' Plucked: A History of Hair Removal' by Rebecca M. Herzing,

So what are you waiting for!

Results can be seen instantly, and not everyone will require 6-8 sessions. Just check out this patient who only completed one excel HR laser hair removal treatment:

A before and after photo of laser hair removal being performed on a womans underarms in just 1 session.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Options

The laser hair removal market has been booming as people are becoming more concerned with their looks. Unwanted hair is a huge concern for both men and women.

This has led to huge influx and development of cosmetic laser technology. There are plenty of laser hair removal machines out there, most of which are less effective than the nd:YAG laser system used by Cutera. Here is a list of all the competiting devices along with some of their pros and cons:


ruby Laser

The ruby laser is one of the oldest lasers for hair reduction. It uses a short wavelength (694nm) and is most effective on individuals with fine skin and hair colors. It cannot be used on individuals with contrasting hair and skin combinations.

Popular brands that use ruby lasers include: Palomar E200, EpPulse Ruby, Ruby Star, 

alexandrite Laser

The alexandrite laser is definitively the most popular system on this list. It can be used to treat large areas relatively quickly, e.g. the whole back can be treated in as quickly as 30 minutes.

The not so obvious downside is the discomfort caused. Alexandrite lasers are infamous for being the most painful types, and causing the most side effects such as blistering or hyperpigmentation. It operates at a wavelength of 755nm and uses ultra short pulse.

Popular brands include: Candela, Cynosure, GentleLase, EpiTouch. 

diode Laser

Diode lasers are relatively new to the scene, and uses microchips and semiconductors to generate laser energy at around 800-810 nm.

The pulse durations are long enough to be fully absorbed by the skin, which makes it ideal for individuals with darker, more coarse hair and skin types. Men are the most popular candidates for this laser treatment. 

Popular brands include: MeDioStar, LightSheer, SopranoXL, Apex, Epistar.

nd:YAG Laser 

The nd:Yag system is the newest system on the market, and represents the innovation used in the laser hair removal sphere. The nd:Yag has a variety of other applications too, like skin resurfacing or color correction, or even tattoo removal. Specifically for laser hair removal, the nd:Yag operates at 1064 nm.

However, before treatment, a lotion is spread over the area to allow the laser to specifically target the hair. This system is effective for all skin types and hair combinations.

Popular brands include: Cutera, Candela, Cynosure, Medlite IV, Lyra.

Why Choose Miami Skin Spa?

At Miami Skin Spa, we only use Cutera devices, because we don't want to risk not delivering anything but excellence. The excel HR is the second iteration of nd:Yag based machines that Cutera has developed, but it also implements the 755 Alexandrite laser.

Out of all the machines on the market, the excel HR has the highest range of treatment options for laser hair removal and is effective on all skin tones and hair colors. The treatment has been compared to feeling like a rubber band gently snapping your skin. 

In a patient preference study that measured comfort and satisfaction for laser hair removal, 100% of the patients in the study preferred excel HR over a comparable, competitive laser hair removal procedure as can be seen below.

A treatment discomfort graph showing the excel laser hair removal device vs its competitors

If you or anyone you know would like more information on our laser hair removal treatment please reach out or book a free laser hair removal consultation.

Are you dealing with skin irritation or unsightly red bumps of ingrown hairs (also called pseudofolliculitis barbae) after shaving or waxing?

avoiding ingrown hairs

If so say  "GOOD BYE" to all skin irritation with permanent laser hair removal at Miami Skin Spa!  

  • Instantly decrease the amount hair follicles!
  •  and thickness of the hair 

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