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Cutera's truSculpt fleX machine is the best way for you to shape your body into the exact shape you want. Our truSculpt fleX Muscle Sculpting treatment is tailored to your individual fitness level and is the equivalent of more than 3 months of high intensity interval training.

By using 4 to 16 separate handheld pieces, the fleX can deliver precise electrical currents to stimulate up to 4 different muscle groups at the same time!

In one 45-minute session this device effectively mimics months of high intensity work outs—imagine performing 54,000 crunches, squats, or twists, all at varying intensities in just 45 minutes!

Overall physical fitness involves attaining a healthy body composition, which means low body fat and high lean muscle mass. The Flex treatment has been proven to increase overall lean muscle mass by over 33% with no downtime.

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Muscle sculpting before and after on the abdomen and flanks using the truSculpt fleX

Target Area: Abdomen & Obliques

Muscle Sculpting on the abdomen before and after

Treatment Area: Abdomen

Muscle Sculpting and Body Sculpting on the abdomen and flanks before and after image after 12 weeks

Target Area: Abdomen and Obliques

Muscle Sculpting Before and After on the glutes using truSculpt fleX

Target Area: Glutes

Muscle Sculpting on the abdomen before and after using the truSculpt fleX

Treatment Area: Abdomen

Muscle Sculpting and Body Sculpting on the Abdomen and Obliques/Flanks Before and After image after 12 weeks

Target Area: Abdomen and Obliques



Simple and easy

muscle sculpting Treatment Video

EMSculpt vs truSculpt flex: Which one is better?


No Surgery, Injections, or Downtime.


No prep, diet, exercise or post-treatment therapy required.


100% safe. There are no side effects or pain but with all the gain.


FDA approved. Patients get an average of 30% increase in muscle.


Only 4-6 45-minute sessions are required to build muscle mass.

No Downtime

Like all our procedures there is absolutely no downtime.

No Downtime

Like all our procedures there is absolutely no downtime.

Muscle Growth

Patients get an average of 30% increase in muscle mass.

Quick & Easy

No more than 4-6 45-minute sessions are required to substantially increase muscle mass.




How Does the truSculpt fleX Work?

The truSculp fleX is a multidirectional muscle sculpting device designed to target specific muscle groups in three different ways: Prep, Tone, and Sculpt.

This allows for customized treatments which can range from rehabilitation to full on contouring. 

Each treatment usually consists of 4-6 sessions, with 2-5 days inbetween each session. 

This treatment works by delivering electrical currents to your muscles.

These currents mimic those sent by the brain to produce contractions, but are much stronger, thus leading to muxh greater results.

The truSculpt fleX is FDA-approved and is completely safe.

How Many Muscle Sculpting Treatments Will I Need?

A truSculpt fleX session can treat many muscle groups at once, which reduces the number of treatment sessions needed.

The number of sessions needed will vary from patient to patient, but as a general rule of thumb we usually suggest atleast 4. 

We also offer maintenance memberships after your first round of treatments so you can maintain your new muscle without having to exercise.

How Long Will it Take for the Results To Show?

We have found that results appear just after the 4th 45-minute treatment.

From a clinical standpoint, maximal results usually present themselves 8-12 weeks after the last treatment. 

Are truSculpt fleX Results Permanent?

Muscle Sculpting results from the truSculpt fleX will take approximately 8-12 weeks to reach their peak. After this it will be up to you to maintain your new muscle fibers through exercise.

You can also choose to get monthly/bi-monthly Muscle Sculpting sessions to maintain and continue your muscle development.

If you do strength training exercise during the 8-12 weeks after your last treatment you will expirience even greater gains than the average 30% increase.

What to Expect on Treatment Day for truSculpt fleX ?

In preparation for the truSculpt fleX session, the desired treatment area(s) will be measured and marked in order to customize the treatment settings for your desired results.


On treatment day, the nurse will use this information to apply gel strips to the area(s) that are being treated. This serves to augment the thermal conductivity of the area, and allows for a better connection to the muscle. 

Once the gel is in place, the nurse will then place and fix the hand pieces to the skin, above the targeted muscles. The treatment will then begin according to the customized plan for each patient.

A general plan used at Miami Skin Spa consists of two tone treatments, and two sculpt treatments. We find this combination delivers the best results.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

A truSculpt fleX treatment session will last approximately 45-minutes.

What to Expect After Your Treatment?

The fleX forces the muscles to contract involuntarily, leading to the same discomfort you would find in a gym.

The day after the treatment you will likely different amounts of soreness, just as if you had gone to the gym. However, this type of soreness does not usually persist longer than 24-72 hours. 

What to Expect After Treatment and Recovery?

A truSculpt fleX Treatment has no limitations on the type or color of skin you may have. It does require, however, the patient to be relatively lean over the targeted areas. 

Electricity does not conduct well through fat and thus too much fat will insulate the muscle tissue, making the treatment innefective. 

In this scenario, we would recommend a treatment with the truSculpt ID first. The TruSculpt iD will reduce, on average, 24% of fat around the targeted areas.

what is muscle sculpting?

Muscle Sculpting allows you to target specific muscle groups on the body and forces them to involuntarily contract. This will ultimately lead to an increase in lean muscle mass. A typical treatment usually involves 54,000 contractions--which is equal to the amount of contractions one would perform in a month of dedicated exercise!

In addition to its impressive muscle building, it can also be used to rehabilitate atrophied or injured muscles. This is as the fleX uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology, which effectively allows us to change the types and amounts of contractions a muscle experiences. This recreates the concept of adding tension and resistance to a workout.

This treatment and our fat removal body sculpting are very complimentary to one another and both should be considered for even better results.

How Does Muscle Sculpting Work?

Muscle Sculpting with the truSculpt fleX works by mimicking the exact contractions experienced through manual strength training. Each 45-minute session of multi directional muscle stimulation is equivalent to to 54,000 repetitions (i.e crunches, squats, curls etc.).

TruSculpt Flex can be tailored to each patient’s personal fitness level and needs. There are three different modes of contraction: 

Flex ID truSculpt Trubody

Prep mode

This mode creates twisting motions similar to those experienced during warm-up exercises. It involves stretching the muscles and is used to help the patient get used to the contractions before the treatment. Only patients who don't exercise need to do the prep mode.

Tone mode

This mode is similar to performing squats. It mimics strength training programs and results in increased strength and endurance through extended time under tension.

sculpt mode

This mode is similar to performing crunches and involves fast, deep, sequential contractions of the muscles. This mode mimics muscle building programs that lead to the development of new muscle fibers.


EMSculpt utilizes electromagnetic stimulation to induce muscle contractions, whereas truSculpt flex utilizes electrical stimulation. Our blog post on truSculpt fleX vs EMSculpt goes into detail about the differences between the two.

During an EMSculpt treatment that uses electromagnetic stimulation, a magnetic field is applied over the targeted muscle group and results in the activation of the surrounding nerves that activate the muscles. The truSculpt fleX can stimulate extremely specific muscle fibers through the placement of individualized hand pieces.

This is not possible with electromagnetic stimulation as it requires bulky hardware that reduces the precision of muscle stimulation.

The truSculpt fleX treatment is superior in many ways:

  • Faster: Up to eight areas can be treated in just one 45-minute session.
  • Safe: The unique truControl™ technology is FDA-approved and provides safe and consistent results through targeted, selective, and customizable muscle stimulation delivery.
  • Efficacy: Clinical studies have shown an average of 30% increase in muscle mass.
  • Versatile: Each full treatment is customized to the patients needs.

How To Sculpt Your Muscles and Shape Your Body


The TruSculpt Flex technology allows for a treatment tailored to your individual fitness level and desired goals.

Cutera's Muscle Sculpting truSculpt fleX machine is the best way for you to shape your body into the exact shape you want. This machine can:

  • Personalize treatments to your personal fitness level, shape and goals.
  • Simultaneously treat 8 different muscle groups in one session.
  • TruSculpt fleX covers the largest possible treatment area in the Muscle Sculpting industry.
  • Offer three unique treatment modes: Prep Mode, Tone Mode and Sculpt Mode.

Trusculpt ID miami skin spa fat removal


Our3 TruSculpt iD technology treatment can be customized to each patient’s individual needs and body shape.

TruSculpt iD is ideal for those looking to reduce fat without surgery and downtime we recommend the truSculpt iD Body Sculpting treatment.

The truSculpt iD delivers personalized results and works for:

  • Different body types
  • Patients with skin laxity
  • Large or small treatment areas
  • Patients ineligible for other contouring procedures due to treatment location, tattoos, or skin type.


kate holden

via Google Reviews

I was quite surprised at the difference the treatments made to my butt. My butt has actually lifted and appears to be more round. My husband comments on how he likes the fullness of my butt and how the treatments have enhanced the roundness and adds more lift. I would definitely recommend this treatment for someone who wanted a little boost without the downtime.

Christopher M.

Via Google Reviews

Miami Skin Spa was everything I could have imagine and more. Upon arriving I was immediately greeted by the friendly staffed and informed on all the procedures that they offered. Being new to the area I didn’t have much knowledge about where to go. The informative and friendly staff helped be find the best package for myself. Overall the experience was amazing and the products they use feel great on skin as well as leave you looking amazing and refreshed.



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