How Should I Prepare For truSculpt iD?

In preparation for the truSculpt iD Body Sculpting Treatment there will be a consultation. There, the desired treatment area(s) will be measured and marked in order to customize the treatment settings for your personalized results!

In general:

  • Avoid taking any numbing medications or painkillers, including Alcohol. These are completely unnecessary and could compromise the integrity  of the procedure. 
  • Make sure that the area to be treated is completely dry before the treatment. 
  • Drink plenty of fluids & eat prior to the appointment to minimize discomfort 
  • Jewelry or piercings will need to be removed prior to treatment if they are in the treatment area. However, they can go in post treatment.
  • Notify the nurses if there has been any change in your health/medication before your consultation/last visit. 

What to Expect on the Day of the truSculpt iD Treatment

Using the information from the consultation, gel strips will be applied to the treatment area(s). This assists in thermal conductivity and also prevents skin to hand piece contact. 

Once the gel has been applied, the hand pieces will be placed and fixed, then the treatment begins. Most patients describe the sensation as similar to a hot stone massage treatment! 

Once 15 minutes have passed, either the next area is treated or the procedure is finished.

The nurse will then remove the hand pieces and gel, then go over post-procedure directions for optimal results.

As the treatment begins the area will start warming up and, within the first three minutes, the area will feel like it is being treated similarly to a hot stone massage

You can expect your body to get used to the heat, as well as, to feel warm and hot all over during the 15-minute treatment.

Do I Shave Before My truSculpt iD Treatment

The desired area to be treated should be relatively void of hair, specifically to assist the gel pads in sticking to the skin. If there is stubble it’s completely fine, but too much hair means the nurses will have to shave the area down before hand.

What About Sun Exposure Before The truSculpt iD Treatment?

Organic sun exposure is perfectly fine, but sunless tanners should be avoided for at least a month prior to treatment. Don’t worry if you forget, as our nurses will discuss this in the consultation as well.

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