truSculpt iD

Non-Surgical fat reduction with a minimum 24% Fat Loss.

15 min duration

Starting at $1,200

Say goodbye to stubborn fat.

 A thermal energy body shaping treatment to permanently reduce stubborn fat.

How does truSculpt iD work?

Unlike any other device now on in the market, truSculpt iD has a unique delivery of radio frequency energy that allows for skin tightening in addition to stubborn fat loss. 

Clinical studies have found an average of 24% fat reduction. Once the fat cells are destroyed the body naturally removes them, causing them to be expelled through the urine. This method is much healthier and safer than other traditional body contouring treatments.

What are the benefits of truSculpt iD

No surgery, no injections and no downtime! The results! 100% safe. There is no side effects or pain but with all the gain.

The biggest benefit to using this device other than losing a few inches around the waist is additonal skin tightening in the area treated, which would allow you to have your skin look tight and firm after treating the areas of fat that you are concerned about.

Used to Remove:

Stubborn fat and Skin Tightening 

Prices & Packages

4-Pod Treatment

Popular treatment areas are the arms, flanks and buttocks.


Per Session

One Smaller Area


6-Pod Treatment

Used to treat a full area such as the Abdomen or Legs.



One Larger Area


12-Pod Treatment

Used to treat any two full areas.



Two Larger Area


Submental Treatment

Targets the chin fat under the neck, think
Kybella without the pain or needles.

Per Session

Package of 3



Treatable areas:

Abs, Glutes, Triceps, Biceps, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs.

Body Contouring BENEFITS

No Surgery, Injections, or Downtime.


No prep, diet, exercise or post-treatment therapy required.


100% safe. There is no side effects or pain but with all the gain.


FDA approved. Patients experience an average of 24% in fat reduction.


Only one 15-minute session is required to get rid of stubborn fat.

No Downtime

Like all our procedures there is absolutely no downtime.

No Downtime

Like all our procedures there is absolutely no downtime.

Fat Loss

Patients experience an average of 24% in fat reduction with each session

Quick & Easy

Only 4-6 45-minute sessions are required to build muscle mass.

truSculpt iD Q&A. Everything you want to know.

What is truSculpt iD?

truSculpt iD offers a revolutionary non surgical fat reduction treatment that allows for body contouring and skin tightening in just one 15-minute session.

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Does truSculpt iD work?

The iD is FDA-approved and is the most effective non invasive body contouring treatment on the market.

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Is truSculpt iD safe?

This is a very safe treatment. During your free consultation you will discuss your medical history. Only if you have things such as a pacemaker in your body should this treatment be avoided.

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Is truSculpt iD permanent?

Any change in diet or work out regiment would prevent the iD from truly working to its full potential because you may be eating more or working out less. 

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Does truSculpt iD hurt?

The treatment feels similar to a hot stone massage, the area does get very warm and that is how the fat would be dissolved. It is a very tolerable procedure but the body does need to be warm or hot in order to recieve the full benefits of the procedure. 

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How long does truSculpt iD take?

One full truSculpt iD treatment is 15-minutes for one full cycle.

The Full results of the truSculpt iD treatment take up to 8-12 weeks to fully appear. This is due to the body taking time to naturally secrete the fat cells through your sweat and urine.

Expedited results can be seen when combining the truSculpt iD with other Body Sculpting procedures located at our Medical Spa.

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How many truSculpt iD treatments do I need?

Although most patients only require one session there are patients that will need 2 or 3 treatments to achieve their ideal body goals. The treatment can be spaced out every 8 weeks in order to expedit the results of each treatment if you desire more fat reduction. 

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How should I prepare for truSculpt iD?

The exact pre care instructions will be discussed during your free consultation. Most importantly you should remove any piercings from the treatment area and be thoroughly hydrated.

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How much does truSculpt id cost?

The treatment can start as low as $1,200. If you wish to treat more areas on do multiple sessions this number will most likely decrease. 

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truSculpt iD post-treatment protocol?

The post-treatment protocol will also be discussed in more detail during your free consultation. 

The most important thing to remember is to drink plenty of water in the 8-12 weeks following your treatment to allow for the fat cells to be secreted through the body.

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truSculpt iD Body Contouring Before & Afters

Targeted Area: Abdomen & Obliques

Before and After of the truSculpt iD treatment with a 3D photo showing the reduction in weight

Target Area: Abdomen

Body sculpting before and after using the truSculpt iD

Targeted Area: Abdomen

Before and After of the truSculpt iD treatment on a womans back

Targeted Area: Flanks & Obliques

Body Sculpting before an after on the abdomen and obliques with truSculpt iD

Target Area: Abdomen & Obliques

Body sculpting before and after using the truSculpt iD

Targeted Area: Arms

how does trusculpt id Body contouring work?

Unlike any other device now on in the market, truSculpt iD has a unique delivery of radio frequency energy that allows for the revitalization as well as regeneration of skin, all with little to no downtime.  

An illustration of the trusculpt iD Handsfree handpiece performing radio frequency lipolysis to contour the body by removing stubborn fat

State of the Art Body Contouring

The truSculpt iD incorporates several different protocols to deliver the best results.

  • Monopolar Radio Frequency - Cutera’s proprietary monopolar RF technology penetrates deeply and evenly to treat the entire fat layer from skin to muscle.
  • Real Time Temperature Control - Skin temperature is continuously monitored to hold a therapeutic temperature of >45ºC in the fat, while maintaining a skin temperature of 3-4ºC cooler using a sapphire attachment. This sensation is described as a "hot stone" massage treatment.
A oicture of a Miami Skin Spa patient getting the truSculpt iD Body Contouring treatment on her legs

Fat Destroying 

Fat cells are continuously excreted over a 12 week period.

Optimized energy delivery and heating leads to apoptosis of subcutaneous adipose tissue, causing an average 24% in permanent fat tissue destruction.

a GiF of the truSculpt iD Handheld device targetting an area of stubborn fat

Does truSculpt iD Really Work?

The truSculpt iD has been rigorously tested and has been clinically shown to reduce fat cells by an average of 24%.

Clinical studies have found an average of 24% fat reduction, as shown by ultrasound. This accompanies histological studies that have shown the iD cause fat necrosis down to 1.5 cm.

Once the fat cells are destroyed the body naturally removes them, causing them to be expelled through the urine. This method is much healthier and safer than other traditional body contouring treatments.

truSculpt iD Handpieces & Treatment Areas

The truSculpt iD is the most versatile non-invasive body contouring treatment available. This is due to the revolutionary Radio Frequency lipolysis technology and the different handpieces available. 

These handpieces all have unique use cases that allow for specialized fat reduction on all parts of the body that are prone to fat deposits and stubborn fat.

40cm Hands-free Handpiece (2 MHz)

The most popular truSculpt iD handpiece is the 40cm hands-free one. Its for stationary use and up to six 40 cm² hands-free handpieces can be placed simultaneously over areas such as the abdomen and flanks.

These handpieces are highly effective and can cover up to a 300 cm² treatment area in just one 15 minute treatment.

40cm Hand-held Handpiece (2 MHz)

This truSculpt iD handpiece is used in a gliding motion over small or large stubborn fat areas areas. 

The handpiece can cover up to a 144 cm² treatment area in just 15 minutes.

16cm Hand-held Handpiece (1MHz)

This handpeice is the go-to for smaller hard to reach areas like fat removal on the double chin.

This handpeice is for use with a stationary placement over soft tissue in areas that are smaller than the templates or anatomically difficult areas.

This handpiece can cover 16 cm² petite treatment areas in 5 minutes.

For a treatment on the chin, the 16cm handheld handpiece would pass over the areas of the double chin 3 to 4 times for a total treatment time of 15-20 minutes.

Because this area is more sensitive than other body parts it doesn't allow for the same amount of RadioFrequency (RF) energy to be used, and thus 3-4 treatments are usually required and need to be spaced out 4-6 weeks apart.

trusculpt id PRO'S AND CON'S


  • Areas with sagging skin can be treated.
  • Traditionally untreatable areas can be targeted.
  • Up to 6 treatment zones at a time.
  • Painless and ultimately no downtime.


  • Optimal results take up to 8 weeks to show.
  • Treatment can be uncomfortable if there is not enough fat.


The truSculpt iD machine offers an individualized solution to body contouring and fat reduction using innovative technologies in just 15 minutes of treatment time. Additional treatments may be necessary for those that want even more fat reduction.

Experience the future at Miami Skin Spa today!

"TruSculpt iD Body Contouring can help you personalize your ideal body in a fast 15-minute body contouring session to get rid of unwanted and stubborn fat!"

truSculpt iD Reviews

katherine elias

via Google Reviews

After delivering 2 children by C-section, I had fat and loose skin on my abdomen  and I was looking for a treatment that could address my concerns without downtime. The truSculpt iD body contouring treatment was quick and easy to tolerate. Now at 12 weeks out, I see a noticeable difference in my abdomen – my pants fit better and my skin even looks better. truSculpt iD is great treatment  for busy people who are looking for improvement without the downtime and headaches of surgery.

mary rose

Via Google Reviews

TruSculpt iD body contouring truly exceeded my expectations. Within the past few years, I have lost 20 pounds. I was left with a stubborn belly bulge and loose skin. After the first treatment, I can look down at my tummy and I see less of a bulge! Not only did I see a reduction in size, but the skin in my lower abdomen is tighter and smoother. The treatment itself felt like a hot stone massage. I experienced little to no discomfort and had no downtime. I can’t wait to start treating other parts of my body with this device!

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